Our story

Team Hangimals ShooZoo.jpg

 Is a simple one...............

My wife and I live in Northern Ireland with our three young children and like most parents, are used to a more-often-than-not messy bedroom!


When we walk into their rooms, we are usually welcomed by a variety of things scattered over the floor, with the guaranteed ever-present being several pairs of shoes!

        Original Concept  Sketch      


So with that in mind, we wanted to come up with a fun & simple way to encourage children to tidy away their shoes and help keep their bedrooms that little bit tidier.......

Our three (like all children!) LOVE soft toys, and so after a bit of brain-storming, our Hangimals ShooZoo was born!


With their cute design and luxurious, soft plush feel, they look lovely and are a really nice feature to hang on a child's bedroom wall .

Four spacious pockets offer plenty of room for your little animal's shoos, while also allowing for some of the other messy bedroom bits & bobs to be neatly tidied away too!

Designed for you, by us. We hope you like them!

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Elephant template.jpg

        Stencil, Fabric, Sew!